Talk is cheap, I’m convinced that some people do nothing but talk.

Politicians are a great example of this. They stand in front of an audience and tell them exactly what they want to hear and then they back it up by delivering absolutely nothing. (For the most part) You see this in business as well. People in leadership positions preaching from the turret. Relaying messages filled with words that are seemingly what people want to hear only to be backed up with little or no meaningful action.

This is a practice that serves no meaningful purpose and is completely detrimental to successful leadership. Perhaps more than any other reason this is why we are fed up with our politicians and figure heads. They are all talk!

Today I implore action. I seek to inspire you to rethink what you say and to be certain that whatever you do say can be validated with action.

Here are 4 ways to replace talk with visible leadership to yield better result and to ignite your team!

  1. Know Your Business/People/Results:: Whether in business, life, education, or politics. Know your domain. If you own a trucking company, know how to drive a truck. If you teach a foreign language know how to speak it. If you are running for Mayor know your constituency. It is important to point out that just knowing from a “Fact” standpoint isn’t enough. You need to get out and apply. Meaning if you are the trucking company owner you should drive the routes that your drivers will. If you are the candidate for office you need to actually get out and meet the people; and not just when the cameras are rolling.

  3. Share Your Goals/Share Your Plans: This is the one thing that “The Talkers” have right. To inspire with action you must articulate your vision so people can hold you accountable. Be up front about the journey and the destination. Regularly discuss progress and explore learning opportunities from failure. What you are sharing with your team should be the foundation for your actions moving forward.

  5. Get Involved In The Process: The world is happening around you. Are you present? It isn’t to say that you need to be involved in every little decision, but it says a lot when you stay involved in the process. Your team will be positively influenced by nothing more than seeing you getting involved. Of course adding value to the discussion won’t hurt you either!

  7. Live Your Words:: This is where the rubber meets the road. Too many people simply do not live their words. They talk about valor, empathy, integrity, and a bunch of other intangibles required to lead and inspire. However the actions don’t reflect the rhetoric. If you talk about being humble, then you must first show humility. If you desire honest and truthful dialogue then you must be the beacon of truth.

As true as death and taxes… TALK IS CHEAP!

Do you inspire with action?