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Our focus at the Future of Work (FOW) is on how people work today, what is coming in the future, and how people, technology, and data are driving those things. The rapid pace of tech evolution is changing everything about the workplace, and everything about our lives in general, at breakneck speed. That’s not slowing down—in fact, it’s quite likely going to speed up. As companies embrace the process of digital transformation and realize that successful business transformation is as much about the evolution of culture as it is about tools and technology, there is much to learn along the way.

Here at the Future of Work, we can help. Our expertise in helping brands large and small navigate the process of digital transformation, in breaking down complex concepts and making them easy to understand, staying on top of and reporting on industry trends, delivering generational insights and sharing management best practices, predicting what’s next, and advising how to prepare for that—it’s what we do. All day, every day. We’re not experts who pontificate on things without any real expertise. We are right there, in the trenches with our clients, day in and day out, delivering business value, increasing the ROI of budget allocations for sales, marketing, culture initiatives, shaping demand generation and lead generation initiatives, assisting with product launches and more. We talk the talk and we walk the walk, and whether you’re reading the content we write, watching our video shows or listening to our podcast, or hearing us speak at an industry event, it’ll be quickly evident that we’re practitioners, not poseurs.

The topics covered by our team include topics like mobility, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, and their impact on the workforce. We’re also deeply immersed in the  collaboration and collaboration technology space and how collaboration tech and the needs of a mobile driven workforce is is changing business as we know it.

The content you’ll find at the Future of Work also includes generational insights from our team of experts and how they impact the workforce, and the myriad ways the workplace is evolving—and needs to evolve as a result. Today’s workplace is multi-generational, with Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials, all in the workplace together, and the challenge for businesses is on creating a multi-generational corporate culture and one that can leverage the strengths, expertise, and passions of workers of all ages.

Come along on this journey with us. Whether you need insights, the latest news, deep dives into technology, help with the digital transformation process, culture assessments, or lead generation campaigns designed to reach your desired customer base, we can help.

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