Introducing “Thoughts 4 Friday” – Each week a list of 4 things to think about in your journey for professional success!

It seems all too often that people land themselves in a position and become entirely complacent with the situation. Whether sales, marketing, support, management, or other, it is important to never accept things as they are and to always continue to aspire to be better at what we do.

In today’s competitive marketplace companies seek employees that not only work hard, but those who have the initiative and drive to learn everything about the job that they do. Furthermore, companies aspire to find employees who are creative and imaginative; simply being compotent is no longer good enough.

This begs the question…Do you want to be indispensable to your organization? Here are four questions that you need to be able to answer with YES if you want to go from currently employed to forever employable.

  • Are you always looking for ways to be better at what you do?
  • Do you take initiative to solve problems?
  • Do you embrace learning opportunities?
  • Are you willing to embrace change?

Can you say yes to all of the above? Whether yes or no, I suggest each and every day that you aspire to learn something new to hone your craft and be the best at whatever it is that you do.

Simply put, being a task master no longer cuts it. The game changer is attitude. There are plenty of people who can “do the job,” but companies want more than that.

If you are serious about success then be prepared to answer this –> What do you bring to the table that makes you indispensable?