Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.40.43 AMIgnite Talk 2015 My Voice, My Pictures, My Tweets, My Personal Brand Story How Storytelling Leveraging Twitter Can Change The World! via Brian Fanzo

I was asked to present at IBM Interconnect a Cloud, Mobile Development Conference in Las Vegas Feb 22-26, 2015.  The video above and slide deck are what I presented on.  Focus was leveraging twitter for sharing your story and building a community as personal branding is a hot topic not only for those with a millennial mindset but brands and leaders who embrace the power of employee advocacy.  This was an Ignite Talk which turned out to be a lot of fun with the limitations and focus on quick concentrated messages.  Love to hear you feedback and I hope you’ll be at some future events down the road where I’ll be giving the full version of this same presentation.

(Slides 1-20 each auto rotating every 15 seconds – Slide Notes Below)

Thanks to the IBM Social Business Team especially Amber Armstrong & Amy Tennison for having me out to speak and as a VIP Social influencer, as I was truly blown away at the engagement and opportunities provided during this week event (Blog Post Recap Coming Soon). Here is a fun little flip through pictures I took this week at the event with many people you’ll probably recognize!

(Slides 1-20 each auto rotating every 15 seconds – Slide Notes Below)
  1. Sharing Your Story in 140 Characters! by @iSocialFanz
  2. Everyone has a story to tell
    1. You’re born with it…
  3. Your story starts with finding your voice & embracing who you are!
    1. “Nobody Can Tell Your Story, Share Your Passion & Explain Your Purpose Like YOU!”
  4. Social Media Won’t Replace a handshake but social will provide you more handshakes and even change the 1st meeting from a handshake to a hug!
  5. Be Easy to Be Found
    1. People Follow YOU for YOU!
  6. Engagement matters
    1. Think 2 Way Conversations not 1 Way Communication!
  7. Every digital action you take is a paragraph in your story!
  8. Share what you Find Valuable
    1. Instead of what you think others will like
  9. We > Me
  10. Celebrate others and help them achieve their goals!
    1. “Treat Every Tweet as Conversation in Public, That Anyone Can Add Too, Share or Learn From!”
  11. Don’t Tweet What You’re not ok with your mom seeing!
  12. Stand out from the crowd
    1. Visuals, Audio and Video allow you to expand beyond the 140 characters
  13. Focus On your current followers not gaining new ones or worrying about those who unfollow you!
    1. All you need is one follower to make a difference!
  14. Stay True To Your Brand!
  15. Embrace the power of Twitter Communities
    1. Leverage the Power of Hashtags
    2. Monitor & Engage Live Event Hashtags
    3. Participate in Weekly Twitter Chats
  16. Leverage tools to scale
    1. Automation Doesn’t = Easy Button but will give you more time to actively engage
  17. A Tweet Today is Better than a Perfected Tweet Tomorrow (Embrace A/B Testing on Twitter)
    1. Tweak – Test – Tweak Again – Tweet – Repeat
  18. #ShowUcare
    1. Nobody will ever say you help too much or provide too much value!
    1. If You Suck Offline, You’ll Probably Suck Online! So Don’t Suck!
  20. 140 Characters Might Seem Like A Limitation But One Tweet, Can Create That One Conversation That Will Lead To That One Relationship, That Will Change The World

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