Have you ever clicked on a link to what appears to be an interesting or well titled blog only to find a 3000 word dissertation awaiting you?

Does this sometimes lead you to another question such as… I wanted to read a blog, not a book?

If this is you then you are a lot like me and potentially a lot of the blog readers out there.

When it comes to blogs, most peoples attention spans are pretty short and the chances of them reading your book, ehem blog from start to finish is pretty unlikely.

That isn’t to say there’s not a time and place for the “Long Story,” it is just to suggest your work may not always be appreciated if the reader has to carve out more than a few minutes to read your post.

This is exactly why brevity is key.

So here are a few tips to say more by saying less while still creating rich content that people will want to read.

  • Brevity is an art form: Using a lot of words, metaphors and examples to get to your point is easy. To create clarity with less words takes more thought. Simple is the most complex invention ever.

  • Don’t Mince Words: Get to the point quickly. An interesting lead in can capture a reader, but unless you are writing a novel we don’t need you to set the scene with endless descriptions of the weather or the room.

  • Ask Meaningful Questions: To keep the reader engaged, you thoughtful questions to connect them to the content. For example… Are you looking to quickly capture your readers attention and get them to read your entire post?

  • Know your Desired Outcome: If you are writing just to write, that is different then if you are trying to sell a service or a product. But nonetheless, if your ideal outcome is to gain interest for your product or service create a way for them to connect and follow up on your content. If your content is interesting and compelling but leaves a bit of mystery that can go a long way in getting a follow up response.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not finished, or even started reading something because it was just too long.

And while content of all types has a place…If you are looking to reach and connect with your audience and get more of them to actually read what you are writing, then think about saying more by saying less.

Learning to say more with less words will help your blog traffic, but more importantly your communication skills since people appreciate those who respect their time and can quickly arrive to the point.