Nothing, and I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G in life is guaranteed. While some people recognize this, it seems many of us take so much for granted.

It is funny how the tangible (things) and intangible (people) in our lives are sometimes seen as permanent fixtures. As if they will always be there no matter what. This probably stems more from the fast pace of the life we live than from some selfish indifference for showing gratitude. While understandable, this is an area I seek to change and I hope you will think hard about this as well.

The world that we live in changes constantly. What we have today that seems like it will be forever can change in an instant. The very premise of great change should keep us acutely focused on showing our appreciation to those that make our lives better. For telling and more importantly showing those that make our lives better should be a cornerstone in our daily interaction. Leaving the question… what are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for many things, however, I don’t always do the best job of showing it. It is self actualization like I’m doing here that centers me and refocuses my efforts to express appreciation. Here are the 4 things I am MOST grateful for

  1. Family: In most cases, there is nothing we can count on more than our families. This is certainly true in my case. We argue, we fight, we engage, and we celebrate. That is what families do. As Danny Brown so eloquently wrote this week, my family is my foundation. I’m eternally grateful for them, more than words could ever express.

  3. Friends: Admittedly I have few “Close Friends,” but for those I have I am blessed. I don’t let many people get close and I still don’t fully know why that is, however to have real friends who will selflessly do for you, and that you would selflessly do for is amazingly rewarding. True friends are as close to family as you can come. An added benefit is unlike family, you get to choose your friends! For that and for them I am grateful.

  5. Ideas: Ideas make the world go round. Ideas stimulate my mind and inspire my soul. Perhaps a strange concept in which to express gratitude, I suggest that you consider life without ideas. It has been one brilliant idea after another that has made the world the wonderful place that it is today. I am grateful for every idea that enhances my life and the life of those I care about!

  7. Health: I’ve heard the expression “if you have your health you have it all.” True? While perhaps some may suggest not, I’d say it is emphatically true. There isn’t an amount of money or things that I would trade for if it meant sacrificing my health. I’m thankful for the professionals who research and invent new and innovative means to improve our health and wellness. (Ideas) Our physical being is the center of our ability to live, to dream, to succeed. For my health and the health of those I love and care about I am grateful.

Life is far more fickle than most of us would care to admit. We need to take a bit more time to smell the roses, for we’re only guaranteed one shot at this! So in your world, do you know what you’re most grateful for?