One thing about me that I don’t talk about much is the fact that I am a huge fitness advocate.

As a former collegiate athlete who still plays multiple competitive sports, being fit has been a life commitment for me. Beyond enjoying competition and the good feeling I get from exercise, being fit is an integral part of my life because I believe it impacts my performance in life every single day.

While I certainly do not believe that everyone needs to look like a fitness cover model, I do believe strongly that keeping yourself in good physical shape is the ultimate accessory to keeping your mind in shape.

With a new year around the corner and a plethora of unfulfilled New Year Resolutions about to be made, I am recommending to all that a fit body becomes (remains) part of your plan in 2012.

In its simplest form I consider two items to be key to a fit body. First it is exercise (Cardio AND Weights). Second is a good diet (And lots of Water).

If you are new to fitness, I believe adding any level is better than none. If you are experience, how are you going to mix it up/step it up to achieve better results?

Either way there are countless reasons to strive for a healthy physique, here are 4 that motivate me…

  1. Look Good, Feel Good: This is relative (trust me I know), however when I am eating well and exercising I feel good. When I feel good it affects my confidence and my performance. We all know about that high we get when we put on our Sunday’s best. How about feeling that way every day?

  3. Routine = Stability: While your exercise routine needs to be changed regularly to keep getting results, the routine of actually exercising can give us some stability in our schedule/life. Just like eating, sleeping, and working, your exercise can be incorporated into your routine. As an added benefit, making fitness part of your routine also helps you stay committed.

  5. ENERGY!: Do you ever get that mid day lull, especially after lunch? By working out and eating well you can reduce this immensely. (Coupled with proper sleep) When you are energized throughout the day it will pay dividends in your business as well.

  7. Appearance Matters: No matter how much people want to say this isn’t true, it is. People tend to be more responsive to attractive people. Being in great shape won’t necessarily make you attractive, but people who look out of shape give off the vibe that they aren’t concerned about their own appearance (True or not). The confidence you will gain from being in good shape will help your appearance as well, and all of this will help you professionally!

In todays fast paced world it is imperative that our minds are sharp. Keeping ourselves in good shape physically is key to a sharp mind and therefor is important to getting ahead.

Ready to get going? Here are a couple of tips and reminders for best results.

  • Get Started: Even if it is just 10 or 20 minutes a day. Any exercise is better than none.

  • Drink Water: I love coffee and soda, but I never feel better than when I limit my fluids to just water. Try and drink a full glass of water at each meal before drinking anything else.

  • Graze: The idea of 3 meals is built for a work schedule, but is not ideal for our bodies. For best results eat 5 or 6 small meals. With my busy schedule I often carry a healthy snack so I can stay on schedule. The reason this is so important is your body can only handle so much food at a time. The excess becomes just that…

  • Add Weight Training: I see so many people at the gym that never lift weights. They use the same cardio machine every day and they never improve their physical appearance. Weight training does more for your metabolism than cardio (True Story) And btw…ladies…adding weights will not cause you to bulk up, however chocolate will.

  • Variety: Mix up your workouts and add other ACTIV(ities). If you like volleyball or basketball find a league. All fitness counts! And Golfers…try walking the course. It makes for a great workout!

  • Commit: Fitness is a lifestyle not a diversion. The only way to truly achieve a fit body is to stay with it. I assure you the journey is rewarding and you won’t be sorry.