For the most part being social is not a spectator sport. However, if you spend a little time here you find yourself doing more spectating than one may think. In social media conversations are happening all around us and sometimes we join in, but other times we just watch. When we watch long enough we begin to see things that we might not like.

Fortunately in Social communities there are millions of users so we can steer ourselves away from what we don’t like and focus on what we do. With this we can make the experience better for all and most certainly for ourselves. After all we wouldn’t hang out in person with people we don’t care for, so why would we online.

As a student of people and of course a person that always seeks to be happy. I have taken
notice of some online personalities that just make my online experience less tolerable. Here are 4 of the worst culprits and why I avoid them.

  • “The Over-Sharer”- This person feels compelled to share every accomplishment, conversation, thought, and activity that they encounter. Morning, noon, and night they are keeping you informed of their every move. Every once in a while they drop something into the stream everyone cares to see, but usually not so much. This personality is why sites like “Lamebook” were created. Thankfully they share so much with so many people that their follies become our funnies. Is there ever a point where the person who shares too much realizes…”I think I share too much?” I say no, and they prove it every day.

  • “Internet Muscles”- Behind their computer this personality believes they are the incredible hulk. They feel like they can say anything they want to anyone and there will be no repercussions. While I know this isn’t the case, when I see these people in the stream I am convinced that they are all 5′ 7″ 113 pound grown men with self esteem issues. I understand the feeling of safety that people have hiding in their basement behind an alias, but I also find this particular personality to be so toxic and destructive within any community which they choose to matriculate.

  • “The I-Hole”- The I-Hole is actually just an A-Hole. This personality thinks that anyone who disagrees with them to be one or more of these “I words: Ignorant, incompetent, or insolent. This person is completely incapable of reasoning, compromise, or even having a productive debate. It takes a maximum of 2 conversations in which they don’t agree with the premise to identify this character and there are no known antidotes.

  • “Like Me Like Me Guy”- Would you really walk up to every person you meet on the street and ask them to Like your facebook page? Well if Social Media is just humans interacting the way they would/could/should in person, I seriously doubt anyone would do that. On Twitter, Facebook, and every other Social platform you are bombarded with beggars asking for likes, follows, and shares. These people aren’t really doing any proverbial damage, they are just SO ANNOYING. I’ve talked about this in so many sales oriented posts, but you will never win friends, influence people, or even keep followers if you do this.

    While there are different strokes for different folks, I strongly suggest avoiding these types for a better Social Media Experience.

    What are some of the Social Personalities that you avoid?

    Keep the conversation going below.