What? That title makes no sense what so ever.

If you are the CEO, you are the ruler of the roost, the king of the castle.  You lead with an iron fist and the people beckon to your every demand.

And then…like awakening from a pleasant dream, reality sets in.

You are the CEO, you are accountable for everything and everyone tied to your organization.  The shareholders and the stakeholders.  The employees, the customers, the value chain, the community and of course the families of all of the above.

Sure everyone works for you, but really you work for everyone.

Setting the vision to please the board, then finding and appointing leaders to execute.  Trusting that these leaders know how to breakdown the vision into bite size achievable strategic objectives and they are able to see them to completion.

Your focus is constantly on the vision, no (erm) I mean the strategy, no (ehem) I mean the execution, no I mean, well, it is on everything.

The public image of the company of course is on your shoulders right? In fact I believe a few people are depending on Rupert Murdoch right now to keep their job.

However, you are responsible for organizational trust and driving the culture.  After all it is your ship to sail right?

As you rapidly ascend the corporate (or small biz) ladder with visions of grandeur and a belief that as CEO you are in control, I suggest you ask yourself these questions.

Who is more dependent, you, or your people?

Let’s get something straight, you are CEO for a reason (hopefully) and the fruits of your labor are bountiful but do not for a moment forget that the CEO does not demand performance rather they earn it; and it is earned by knowing your role which is showing up everyday and working for “the people”

So Mr./Ms./Mrs. CEO – Who do you work for?