Hosts Brian Fanzo & Daniel Newman discuss a wide range of topics ranging around the future of work, cloud computing and technologies impact on today’s digital business. The month of August is being dedicated to “Digital Transformation” (See today’s questions below).  Follow hashtag #CloudTalk on twitter to join the conversation!

This event is sponsored by SAP & PivotPoint.IO.  Download SAP’s Blueprint for Digital Marketing Success Toolkit – Download the InfoBriefs now.

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Q1. How has technology and social media impacted how companies recruit and attract talent? #Cloudtalk

Q2. What are the new characteristics of a digital employee and customer within a digital organization? #Cloudtalk

Q3. What role does collaboration and sharing of data play in a digital organization’s success? #Cloudtalk

Q4. How must security and privacy policies change within a digital organization? #Cloudtalk

Q5. What are the advantages of companies moving towards less defined department structures, such as “center of excellence” #Cloudtalk

Q6.Why is Rapid decision making critical when creating a dynamic digital environment & culture? #Cloudtalk

Q7. Can organizations become digital organizations without being customer centric & experience driven?