Lots of talk about data and wearable technology but what does it really mean? It’s time the community had a conversation about the internet of things and how we are reaching a new age of the human data center!

Did you know that 90% of the worlds data was created in just the past 2 years?

While many folks think of data as the endless lines of information in spreadsheets and other structured databases, the truth about data is that the largest part of it is being created by our around the clock behaviors.

In just one minute online we are creating massive amounts of data:

  •      685,000 Facebook Posts
  •      100,000 Twitter Updates
  •      1000 Blog Posts
  •      24 Hours of New YouTube video

And these data points are just the tip of the iceberg. With all of these activities growing at 60%+ percent year over year, the amount of data at our disposal will only grow.

However, for a better web experience, more targeted marketing, and improved business i#CloudTalkOctober23ntelligence, the more data available, the better. All of these insights are just making us smarter. So the key now is to figure out how to gather more information and data about human behavior by capturing the other 6/7th of their existence and this goal is being rapidly realized by the proliferation of wearable technologies that connect people to the Internet even when they are living their life offline (at least in theory).

Join Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo the hosts of #CloudTalk on October 23rd at 9am PT / Noon ET as they discuss how wearable technology and the internet of things are creating the human data center!   This conversation will happen on a Google+ Hangout while bringing in questions and comments from the twitter chat community.

You can get all the information about the Hangout and Twitter chat here at www.broadsuite.com/Cloudtalk 

What is The Emerging Human Data Center?

It may surprise you to know that in the future wearable technology may be so non-intrusive that it becomes almost invisible. Unlike the more known wearables like your Fitbit or your Jawbone Up, the next generation of wearable technology could be embedded right into your clothing or even inside of your skin, but it will have the potential to collect and share data about our activity, health and more without any human contribution except of course just living our lives. Regardless of whether the data is extracted via a microchip or just your Google Glass, the bottom line is that society is undergoing a massive change as our lives offline and our lives online are blurring into a single omnipresent experience where the only consistency is our connectedness to World Wide Web. In short, we are becoming a living, breathing data center where our wants, needs and desires are now being recorded, monitored and used to impact our online experience and help marketers know more about who we are, and perhaps more importantly why we exist. Of course at this point in time it is all a choice, how we use the Internet or if we choose to use it at all. But right now, at this very juncture, we have one by one opted in as contributors to the world’s largest data center where as a collective, we are the product, the service and the consumer.

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