With the mass of content in the blogosphere it is rare if ever anymore that something makes me jump out of my seat.

However when I came across this post from Pam Moore, I read it and it actually made me jump off of my couch and head to my office so I could comment.

The post was written about showing respect to the various communities in which we all engage online. The post itself was great, but what really got me thinking was commentary that was taking place which discussed the premise of social sharing, and how we as individuals decide what content we share.

There seemed to be some debate going on as to whether we are supposed to be sharing content that spanned beyond our professional identity.

In itself it is such an interesting topic because I hear so many people on various social platforms discussing how as professionals they only share content of a certain type. Whether Marketing, Social Media, Leadership, or some of other facet which was usually of the professional portion of these users lives.

However this issue hit a little closer to home to me.

Last week I wrote a blog about some of the online personalities that drive me crazy. Being that more and more of our lives are spent online I think it is important that we stay away from the pests and trolls. I thought that it was a worthy discussion and as I always do I threw a hint of sarcasm in it because that is just me.

Well as you all know, my blog is a leadership blog. So last week I got an email from a reader who wanted to more or less chastise me for writing content about Social Media. How as a leadership blog, it shouldn’t have such content and that it was more or less a dilution of the site and the content that I usually put out.

Upon reflecting on the comments I have come to three conclusions and a decision that I want to share with this community.

The Conclusions
  • I love this community that I have built over the past year plus since I started writing. The comments, shares, and people I have met through blogging have been nothing short of amazing.

  • Leadership is so much more than just business. It is about family, faith, community, sports, education, and so many other things in which we partake. As people we are multidimensional, so writing on leadership should never be limited to just the professional facet of my life.

  • People who read this are looking for a unique take and perspective on whatever subject I choose to write about. There is so much “Me Too” content circulating throughout the social and blogging world. It is much less about the topic that I write about and more about how am I adding to the conversation. This is a key difference between blogs that are read and those that aren’t


The Decision


With this in mind, why in the world should the person I am, and what I represent in the “Social” community be limited to just one dimension of my being? I am so much more than just my career. I am a father, a husband, an athlete, a member of my community among other things.

My passion for leadership transcends into every part of my life. And that is why I write about a plethora of topics, because my life is comprised of so many experiences.

Ultimately the “Millennial CEO” is my blog and my intention is to continue sharing my experiences in leadership, life, and whatever else comes to mind.

As a community we all get to choose each day what we want to read and share. Over time I aspire to keep you all inspired, but the purpose of having this blog is to do it in a way that is meaningful to me and the community of readers who stop by.

So I’ll leave you with this thought, which is one I use often when discussing the person I want to be.

I seek for my career to enhance my life, but never to define it.

What defines you?