Generally on Friday I like to talk about something profound…searching the depths of mind, body, and soul in the endless journey of self improvement.

And then…

Sometimes I don’t want to be profound, rather I seek to be enlightened. This brings out another side of me. A bit more random and maybe even provocative in attempt to make you think, laugh, cry, or at least react.

Well, Today is one of those days, so I digress…

Having just found my way safely into my front door after a treacherous drive home in a snow storm in a high powered rear wheel drive automobile, it has occurred to me that there are questions that I need answered. And in the event that one of these drives doesn’t go as planned, I better ask the questions.

So today I have 4 questions. They are random, perhaps funny, possibly stunning, but definitely amusing, and I am hoping that YOU can answer them for me.

  1. When people say – “I look terrible in that picture,” do they realize that is how they look? After all, a photo is a still frame of you at that very moment.

  3. When someone asks you – “Does this outfit make me look fat?…” Why do we lie to them? Are we so shallow that we are willing to put a friend or loved one into an embarrassing situation for an entire day rather than an uncomfortable moment?

  5. When passing someone we know in the hall or on the street, why do we ask them how they are doing if we actually have no intention of stopping to hear what they have to say? Bonus Question: Does this get worse the closer you get to New York?

  7. When speaking the English language – why do we all use verbs that we know are incorrect? For instance “I’m going to run to the mall” when you know you are going to drive. Or, “I’m going to fly over to the neighbors to borrow some flour” when not only will you walk or jog, but flying isn’t even a feasible option.

There are a million of these questions that run through my head. While I’m not always sure as to why, I sure do enjoy asking them.

Looking forward to YOUR thoughts…