In the spirit of the upcoming American holiday of Labor Day, I wanted to take a brief moment to share three game changing, if not perhaps even life changing things I have found myself a part of due to the amazing power of Social Networking which for me is a “Labor of Love.”

In just the past 9 months since I decided to actively join the social community I have been blessed with meeting so many great people, sharing an immeasurable number of ideas, and more than anything creating and growing friendships that will forever transcend any social medium. In my mind, so many stand out, but these three I just have to share with the world and thank the amazing networkers that led to these creations of something great! (Or at least whoever is reading this).

  • 12 Most:
  • This website founded by Sean McGinnis and myself would not exist if it wasn’t for 2 people (Not including Sean and I). So on this Labor Day weekend I want to thank Ms. Peggy Fitzpatrick and Ms. Kathy Steele for making this possible. In brief, Peggy dragged me out of Leadership Chat and into the #UsGuys stream where I met so many amazing people, Sean being one of them. Kathy invited me to an executive breakfast meeting in which she is a part of and put me across the table from Sean which led to the friendship that led to 12 Most. From a chat, to the stream, to real life, if it wasn’t for Peggy and Kathy, the world may not have what we know today as 12 Most.


  • #BigThingsPoppin:
  • I’m sorry world that I can’t tell you more, but trust me, something game changing is going on in Social Media and you will all find out soon enough. An idea that is blossoming from the brain of Mr. Jamie Crager along with Mr. Brian Kolb would never have come to fruition if it wasn’t for 2 different and yet also amazing people. Ms. Tobey Deys, a friend who I also met via #UsGuys and a brilliant person all around as well as Ms. Jessica Northey, perhaps the most prolific Social Networker I know. Tobey is another person I met via a chat, although I can’t remember which one, and over time she introduced me to many other people including Jessica. Jessica brought Jamie onto SMmanners one evening when she was guest hosting and the rest is history. It is amazing how the degrees of separation can work, but let’s just say this is going to be BIG!


  • L.E.A.D., The Habitudes, and project #YouMatter:
  • How in the world did I meet Ms. Angela Maiers? Brilliant, engaging, and more than anything charismatic. For this one I have to give the credit to Ms. Lisa Petrilli and Mr. Steve Woodruff or Connection Agent or whatever his alter ego is. Nevertheless, the amazing #LeadershipChat has been a place for many great meetings, but Angela’s wisdom on leadership was part of the reason I came back and over time a relationship was formed. Over the next year Angela and I seek to change the world by co-authoring “The Leadership Habitudes” and by getting out and speaking in the education, business, and leadership communities about the core values, attitudes, and behaviors of 21st century leaders. We also plan to work together on the “You Matter” campaign in the spirit of the amazing Ted Talk that Angela gave just recently. So yet again, a chat, a passion for leadership, and a love for networking is the start of something great!

Just nine months of great social networking and an outcome of three potentially amazing stories. This list only touches on a few of the fantastic folks I have gotten to know along the way. However, as we enjoy our long weekend and reflect on the work ahead, ask yourself this question. Is your Social Networking a “Labor of Love?”