“Saturday Night Live 40” now holds the record for the largest Twitter attention….

On this episode I talk about being inspired after watching the Saturday Night Live 40th reunion show.. See this link for more about the event from Huffington Post!

What struck me while watching was as much as I love comedy and tv shows the fact that SNL has been around so long with so many hits and even so many bad years has to be because it’s unique!

Yes SNL is uniquely raw and real…. and yes I know that everyone knows that it’s a LIVE show but the funny part is never do you hear people complaining about the mistakes or the dead air or when someone gets a case of the giggles…

Why is that? Cause we as humans especially today are drawn to people who make us happy, make us laugh and provide value to us that is authentic, engaging and real.

This same can be applied to my iSocialTalks videos as these are from my house, where I wear what I’m wearing while working from home, with average lighting and a decent microphone!

So the lesson in all of this is…. Focus on providing great quality content that allows you to connect, be authentic and engage your audience and worry less about making it perfect. This can be done via video, leveraging social networks like twitter or even leveraging social employees or influencers!

SNL has been around for 40 years because they are real, raw and deliver quality to their audience… That should be your goal as well…

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