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It seems like just about every year now, the big mobile companies seek to put out a new device to leapfrog past every device that came before it. 

While some companies are known for their highly popularized launches and long wait times, other companies develop new devices that deliver everything that the power user needs, while still making it a friendly device for the casual, yet common mobile lifestyle.

This year, Samsung may have taken the cake for releasing one of the coolest, most visually appealing new devices that has more features than a user could ever need, all while improving the user experience in so many ways. So why go with the Samsung Galaxy S7? There are so many reasons, but here are 6 things that make this device a winner worth considering for your next device upgrade.

1. Larger Screen: While the Galaxy S6 that came out last year had a 5.1 inch screen with a curved edge that grabbed attention for delivering messages visible on the side as the phone lie flat.  This year the screen has been expanded to 5.5 inches without making the device noticeably larger (haven’t they reached max size already?). Furthermore, they curved both edges making the phone extremely nice to hold in your hand. 

2. 12 MP Camera with Super Fast Focus: In the age of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, we need a good camera more than ever. This device has a 12 megapixel camera that focuses so fast that you may not see it happen. For the traveler that wants to leave their SLR at home, this device may just serve as your one stop shop for capturing the highlights of your vacation, and your kids’ ballgame. 

3. Waterproof sans Goofy Plugs: Ever drop your phone in a meter of water for even a few seconds? Most of the times this is the end for that device. Put it in a bag of rice if you want, but that old wives tail rarely fixes anything. How about a device that you can drop in 1.5 meters of fresh water for 30 minutes and pull it out and make a call? Yep, the S7 can handle it, and this time the plugs are open meaning no goofy covers to deal with. 

4. Dual Processors: Depending on where you are located, Europe or basically anywhere else, you will get either the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (US) or Samsung’s own Exynos processor. Both have been benchmarked as super powerful and the use of different processors based on location shows a thoughtful global approach to creating the best experience for users in different geographies. 

5. Long Battery Life: Nobody likes a phone that can’t hold a charge, in fact, it can be a nuisance if you are traveling. And while you can walk around connected to a mobile charger, that is no way to go about life. Users have found the battery can easily last a day and a half with moderate use including listening to music, light gaming, email and social apps. Can your device now do that? 

6. Quick Charge: And while the battery lasting a long time is great, what if you let it wear down and you need a charge? Don’t want to wait for hours to get that battery life back. Well, with the S7 it has been said that you can get 75% of your battery back with only a 90 minute charge.  

New devices may seemingly come out everyday, but not everyday does a device like the new Galaxy S7 with its sleek design, gorgeous picture capabilities and forgiving waterproof(ness). If you are in the market for a new device and you are of the “Android using” kind, then this may be the perfect new device for you. 

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