Many times we don’t see how our failure to pivot can keep us from moving up in our careers, our business and our friendships.

We get to the point of where we are very comfortable that we lose our focus on growing in our skills.

An example would be the “Great Recession of 2008.”

People who were working at Fortune 500 companies were living the life.

They were doing the jobs that they love and had everything going for them.

They were also looking forward to the day when they retire from their jobs and be able to have the freedom to spend more time with their families and volunteer for the causes that they love.

They did not think that they were going to lose their jobs and be in dire straits.

Neither did they expect their 401K to dwindled to the point of where they have to keep on working past the retirement age.

But that is exactly what happened during the Great Recession.

Now, they are trying to find their way back to the old days of working for the company with pension.

We see in the media about how America is “losing” the middle class since the Recession of 2008.

According to this 2014 article written by Rachel Z. Arndt and David Crouch in the New York Times, the middle class in the United States is “shrinking.”

It is a portrayal of a doom and gloom situation that makes us believe that we can’t succeed in this day and age.

What many see as doom and gloom, others see as an opportunity to create their own luck and be the driving force in the economy.

The ones who see the opportunities go out of their way to create a business that will solve the problems and in the process allow them to make a living to the point of where they become rich.

That is probably why the disparity between the rich and the poor is happening everyday.

It is really based on the type of mindset we have.

If someone is succeeding with their lives and business, many tend to say that they were lucky.

They don’t tend to think that the person work extremely hard in order to get to the point of where they are experience huge success.

They don’t realize that their thoughts and actions are sabotaging their dreams.

What they tend to do is make an excuse on why they can’t succeed.

Jim Rohn said it best, “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.”

That is probably why these same people have been at the Occupy Wall Street movements because they are pinning their troubles on Wall Street.

What if some of these same people use that same energy and go out and create their own luck like the rich who are in the so-called one percent?

And what if they don’t try and focus on just becoming rich, but on creating services or products that will solve a particular problem for others?

I honestly think that this world will be a better place to live in because of the products and services that people put out there.

I doubt that the majority will ever be like the rich because they are comfortable in feeling sorry for themselves.

Sara Blakely did not settle for mediocrity and build her company Spanx to a billion dollar business.

Sara did not allow the fear of failure to stop her from achieving her dreams.

Instead she embraced failure.

She had failed to get into law school which led to her working for Disney for three months.

Afterward, she worked as a door-to-door saleswoman for an office supply company.

It was there that she discovered her idea for Spanx.

After many years of hustle, Sara achieved the billionaire status with her company and is continuing to inspire many people to achieve their dreams.

If a person wants to change their living situation and not conform to the norms of making excuses, here are some steps to follow:

1. Stop Making Excuses
2. Take Responsibility For Your Actions
3. Always Have A Positive Mindset
4. Identify Opportunities That Can Allow You To Be Successful In Your Career Or Business
5. Surround Yourselves With People Who Will Lift You Up Everyday

If you follow these steps above, I honestly believe that many people will be able to do the work that they love and be able to make a positive contribution to the world.

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