Today is the day that your social stream lights up with what everyone is going to do next year.

You will hear much of the same from years past with goals like

  • Lose Weight
  • Run a Marathon
  • Earn a Promotion
  • Find “The One”
  • Volunteer More (or ever)
    • And so on and so forth.

      For grins we should do a series of New Year’s Resolution action days. Say the first of each month following the new year.

      While I’m sure there are the lucky few who will stick to their commitments, many more will fall off. Back to the old ways they will go.

      The science behind this isn’t that complicated. People by nature are pretty change averse and this is just one more example of this.

      By the third glass of champagne we are all ready to take on a challenge starting “Tomorrow,” only when we wake we realize that the challenge may be a little outside of our comfort zone.

      Resolve isn’t Reserved for One Day A Year, It’s 24/7/365

      Hopefully I haven’t crushed anyone’s spirit yet. If you are one of the few that can stick to your goal then by all means go ahead.

      In fact, I encourage you to.

      Chances are however, if you are one of the people that can have a new year’s resolution and then you can carry it out, then you don’t need a new year’s resolution at all. You my friend can make a resolution any day of the week.

      Truth is, those that can will and those that talk about it will talk about it.

      Here is an easy way to see this in action. Go to the gym on January 3rd and then go back on March 3rd. Tell me what you see.

      A Better Plan for 2014: Be Humble, Go Forward

      The great thing about a new year is the fresh start. A chance to clear your head, open new books, envision meaningful change and so much more.

      These much needed activities provide us with a much needed recharge and often a newfound sense of purpose.

      This purpose is what life is really all about.

      So do all the right things in looking ahead. Set goals and hold yourself accountable to them. Make sure they are realistic and achievable since setting yourself up for failure is never a great way to start the year.

      Most of all stay humble and grounded. You know what you are a capable of, let that be your guide. Then keep moving forward. Inch by inch, foot by foot, mile by mile until you get to where you were heading. At this point you will be ready to plug in a new destination.

      In the scheme of life today is just one day of many, as will be tomorrow.

      Enjoy the fun, the festivities and being around those you care about most. Then set your sights on where it is you want to go, be humble and go forward.

      Happy New Year Everyone!