Hosts Brian Fanzo & Daniel Newman discuss a wide range of topics ranging around the future of work, cloud computing and technologies impact on today’s digital business. The month of September is being dedicated to “Customer Experience & the Customer Journey” (See today’s questions below).

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Q1. What about the customer journey has changed the most over the last 5 years? #Cloudtalk
Q2. Most companies focus on the customer journey pre-sale, What other factors must be considered? #Cloudtalk
Q3. What can we learn from our kids, that will allow us to understand today’s customers better? #Cloudtalk
Q4. What impact does technology have on the loyalty programs & referral marketing of the future? #Cloudtalk
Q5. How has SaaS impacted the customer support strategies for brands? #Cloudtalk
Q6. What new technology or disruptions should brands be looking at to improve the customer experience? #Cloudtalk

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