There are many different ways to get through to your customers. Sometimes it is showing them a new product. Other times it is delivering above and beyond there wildest expectations. In some cases, simply showing up is all that is required. Nevertheless, customers are a big (perhaps only) reason why we are in business. If we want to keep them and grow with them then we must inspire them. But how?
Here are 8 simple ways to inspire and delight your customers.

  1. Call them when there isn’t a “Deal to Close”: Many industries have a bad reputation when it comes to this. We call and call and call when there is a deal to close. However as soon as the deal is locked up we disappear (on to the next one). Sometimes just checking in can be a very meaningful thing in reassuring a customer they have made the right choice.

  3. Show them something they don’t know: Perhaps a new technology or maybe a new service, but keep them up to date on what is out there. Often our customers are very busy and they aren’t read up on what is new and hot. No matter what profession your customer is in, if you make them better at their job, then you can rest assured that they won’t be seeking any new suppliers.

  5. Ask about “Them”: Try and take a minute to step away from the “Job at hand” and learn a bit about them. Personally and professionally, people love to talk about themselves. They will appreciate your asking.

  7. Try Empathy: Expanding on number 3, you can truly blow your customers away by asking good questions and listening. All too often we walk into spaces and start measuring and spouting specs. This may be sales 101, but clearly (some) people need a review.

  9. Deliver For Once: This is another reputation issue that haunts many industries. For instance in IT I’ve heard customers call it the 95% industry because 5% of the project is almost always left undone. If you can continually deliver everything you commit (and more), then you will enchant your customers time and time again.

  11. Respond “AFTER” the sale: There is nothing more discouraging than trying to reach a missing sales person or project manager after a deal has been closed. It makes a buyer doubt their decision and doubt your organization. Be extra responsive this year and watch it pay off with your customers.

  13. Make Them Look Good: There are many ways to do this, undoubtably delivering on time on budget is a great start. However, I suggest going beyond that. When you meet the customers “Higher Ups” represent yourself and them well, go ahead and tell them how impressed you are with your contact and the organization. (Hopefully you can say this with complete honesty)

  15. No Excuses: Bite your tongue, duct tape your mouth, but just stop with the excuses already. Sales people notoriously have excuses and people just want answers. Be clear, be direct, and cut the excuses and you will possibly become the customers favorite company to do business with.

A customer that you inspire, is a customer you will keep. While we often love to hunt the next customer down, let’s make sure that we keep the ones we have. It is far more expensive and difficult to acquire new ones than it is to focus on retention.
How will you inspire your customers each and every day?
This article was adapted from its original version posted at Commercial Integrator.
It can be found here.