Before launching SMACtalk, Brian Fanzo and I spent more than 1 Year studying Podcasting Industry. We set out to see who did it well, who told the best stories and who inspired people to listen over and over again in a highly competitive corner of the internet.

With so many options it was hard to narrow it down, but in the spirit of our launch, we dug deep and we found the 16 podcasts that made the biggest mark on what we are doing with SMACtalk, and we didn’t for a moment think we could go without giving due credit. It is for this very reason that we wanted to present you with these 16 amazing worthwhile listens. And while not every one of these may be your flavor, we feel it is safe to say they do one heck of a job for the audience they serve.

So check out our slideshare and join the conversation. Which of these are on your list? What Podcasts did we miss?

Oh, and if you get a chance…check out SMACtalk. We would love to have you as a listener!